HP, Agilent, Keysight Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers repair and calibration. 1 year warranty on all repairs.   No evaluation charges!  We will save you thousands of dollars!

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If your analyzer fails a power up test with error codes 10X23 or 10X24 we can fix it! Watch the demo

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Agilent 4155B or 4156B display before and after repair

New model 4155A and 4156A display

Color LCD for HP4145B

              Replacement displays for  HP4145A, HP 4145B, HP4155A, HP4156A, Agilent 4155B, Agilent 4156C, Agilent/Keysight B1500A  
          Power supply repair for HP4155A, HP4156A, HP4155B, HP41501A, Agilent 4155C, 4156C, 41501B video Keysight B1500A

Always in stock replacement boot disks and floppy disk drives for HP 4145B*
Cooling fan for Agilent 4155A, 4156A, 4155B, 4156B, 4155C, 4156C, 4284A, 4285A, 4287A

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We sell HP and Agilent Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers with ONE YEAR WARRANTY!

* If your HP4145A or HP 4145B analyzer does not boot and shows error M2 or M19 you need to replace the floppy drive.

Good News for Your Eyes! Color LCD kit for HP4145B and HP4145A.
Plug and play installation takes less than 20 minutes!

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